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The Druids of Orcvalus

Having previously stabilised Mouse on the beach where they washed ashore, the party treks through the goat paths Aang found in search of proper aid.

After stopping to search through Mouse’s belonging in search of a map, they instead find, among other trinkets, a severed hand clutching a medallion. The medallion proves to be similar to the one found previously, and Aeon manages to equip the medallion and begin attuning to it.

Moving roughly in the direction of Zaurakh, they eventually happen across a Druid Settlement.

There they meet Kana, Farruk and Tarabak.

Kana agrees to help Mouse, noting that his family are well known on this island, if the party can gather the ingredients necessary for the operation.

While the party assists with the Operation and settles in to the camp, Kiara earns the respect of the local hunters by downing a massive Elk during the afternoon hunt.

With the surgery successful, and Mouse temporarily regaining consciousness, the party each take to their sleeping quarters for the evening, with Kin choosing to remain to watch over Mouse.


Lykaon, Who Runs with the Western Winds

After the fight with Westley, the party spent the week in Burdock to recover.

At the end of the week, Tordekk informs the party that he has had a vision that pertains to them:

> A small man places a coin into a book. The booked is dropped into a hat. The hat comes a cave mouth, which then becomes an animal’s fanged mouth.

It was also revealed that Shade had decided the leave the party and return to his hometown.

Following Tordekk’s advice, the party Aeon and Aang ventured towards an area known to have caves, south of Eladvaal. There, they ran into Drakos, Darren and Theldohr, who were searching for a missing gnome named Seebo Schappen.

Believing their goals the be aligned, the two groups decided to travel together.

After besting a group of bandits that ambushed them, they extracted information from the bandit leader about a cave where Seebo was last seen.

After resting for the evening, the party ventured to the cave, where they found Seebo’s remains, along with a journal in his possession.

While exporing the rest of the cage, the party was set upon by a pack of wolves, lead by an unnaturally large, intelligent Winter Wolf named Lykaon.

The party defeated Lykaon, surviving by the skin of their teeth, and recovered from his collar, a medallion decorated with the symbol of Elemental Air.

The party then rested in the cave.

The Bitterness of Burdock

Aang, Shade and Aeon, a makeshift party of adventurers, each experience a dream summoning them to Burdockshire, a trading town just outside the southern forests of Eladvaal.

Arriving outside the town, they find the town surrounded by a thick fog. Attempting to navigate the fog, they encounter a strange creature, seemingly entirely composed of a thick tar-like ichor.

Before the creature can notice them, they are met by Tordekk Untgardt, who uses divine magic to teleport them inside the town.

Arriving in town, Tordekk explains that the fog arrived a week ago, and seems to be originating from Burdock Manor, home of the lord of the town. As Tordekk guides Aang and Aeon to the upstairs viewing balcony, Shade takes the opportunity to loot the temple, managing to steal a Ring of The Crab from a desk drawer.

After defeating a shadow-being that broke into the temple, the party made their way towards the manor, finding a member of the manor guard in a back alley who told them of a rear-entrance to the manor.

Making their way into the manor, the party began investigating the private quarters of Lord Erdan Burdock and his grandson, Westley Burdock.

The parties investigations reveal that Westley has been engaged in occult research.

Making their way into the manor lobby, the party encounter the demonically-enhanced Westley, dragging behind him an emaciated Erdan.

The party manage to defeat Westley, with Aeon banishing the faint remaining essence of the demon lord Dagosh.

The fog starting to dissipate, the party stay in town to help with the recovery efforts for a few days, planning out their next move.


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