Gods and Religion

Religion in Eso is wide and varied. Most mortals devote themselves to one of the Aspect gods, though the degree of worship varies.

The Triumvirate

Before any of the Gods existed, there were the 3 beings known as the Triumvirate, representing Creation, Destruction and Change.

For each of these beings, stories exist explaining which one is the true originator of all existence.

The act of creating all things began the Age of Creation (The First Age).

The Elder Gods

In order to influence the created world, each of the Triumvirate created Avatars, known as the Elder Gods.

They are:

  • The Spark, Avatar of Creation
  • The Mindbreaker, Avatar of Entropy
  • Ur, Avatar of Destruction

The Elder gods were formed alongside the rest of the material world. They were the first beings with sapience/independent will, and they shaped the world to their liking.

The Gods

The Aspect gods were created by, and exist to serve the will of, the Elder gods. They shaped reality and worked together to create the mortal races. The creation of the Gods began the Age of Divinity (The Second Age), and the creation of the moral races began the Age of Mortals (The Third Age).

Among the various Aspect Gods exists a Pantheon, 7 gods granted influence over the domains (Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature, Tempest, Trickery, and War). Pantheon membership is not a permanent status, and individual gods can enter and leave the pantheon for various reasons.

As of the Age of Mortals, these are the pantheon:

  • Thelle, Goddess of the Knowledge domain
  • Zarael, God of the Life domain
  • Harmon, God of the Light domain
  • Yibbe, God of the Nature domain
  • Solune, Goddess of the Tempest domain
  • Torrun, Goddess of the Trickery domain
  • Gromm, God of the War domain

Gods and Religion

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