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The Bitterness of Burdock

Aang, Shade and Aeon, a makeshift party of adventurers, each experience a dream summoning them to Burdockshire, a trading town just outside the southern forests of Eladvaal.

Arriving outside the town, they find the town surrounded by a thick fog. Attempting to navigate the fog, they encounter a strange creature, seemingly entirely composed of a thick tar-like ichor.

Before the creature can notice them, they are met by Tordekk Untgardt, who uses divine magic to teleport them inside the town.

Arriving in town, Tordekk explains that the fog arrived a week ago, and seems to be originating from Burdock Manor, home of the lord of the town. As Tordekk guides Aang and Aeon to the upstairs viewing balcony, Shade takes the opportunity to loot the temple, managing to steal a Ring of The Crab from a desk drawer.

After defeating a shadow-being that broke into the temple, the party made their way towards the manor, finding a member of the manor guard in a back alley who told them of a rear-entrance to the manor.

Making their way into the manor, the party began investigating the private quarters of Lord Erdan Burdock and his grandson, Westley Burdock.

The parties investigations reveal that Westley has been engaged in occult research.

Making their way into the manor lobby, the party encounter the demonically-enhanced Westley, dragging behind him an emaciated Erdan.

The party manage to defeat Westley, with Aeon banishing the faint remaining essence of the demon lord Dagosh.

The fog starting to dissipate, the party stay in town to help with the recovery efforts for a few days, planning out their next move.


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